Who are we ?

"Agropoiemata" Dermitzakis is a family agricultural business that produces agri-food products in a traditional way. The tradition and experience of  60 years  has been passed down from generation to generation in an experiential way, which is why the quality and taste are special and unique. Our products are mainly based on the vine and its derivatives, with great  specialization  in raisins and are a  part of the Cretan diet, which is the basis of the Mediterranean, known for the benefits of   in the  human body. 

Where are we ?

Our headquarters as well as our vineyards  are basically located in Avgeniki   Maleviziou in Heraklion, Crete, a rural area with a long tradition in viticulture and the production of excellent quality sultana raisins, the so-called   and "brown-blonde" raisins.   

Purpose and objective of activity 

  • Production, collection and processing of excellent quality sultana raisins without preservatives and sulphites, standardized in the traditional way,  with laurel and cinnamon. 
  • Production, collection, processing, walnut and almond together with raisin a combination of taste and health based on nutritional history  from the Minoan years  in Crete but also in Greece in general.  
  • Production, collection and distribution of domestic table grapes. 
  • Production, collection and processing of excellent quality and early cut vine leaves.
  • Production and processing by boiling the juice (must) of grapes  the infamous  petimezi, known for its healing properties. 
  • Our goal is to grow with the power of consumers, both in the domestic and international markets. Our main concern is to keep the quality high even in large productions and at a particularly low price recognizing the economic conditions of the time.

Certifications - hygiene rules 

Of course, all of the above is done with the scientific guidance of agronomists and nutritionists and with certifications at all levels from production to packaging. We follow all control standards and our main concern is the frequent biochemical analyzes of our products through an approved bioresearch laboratory certified by the National Accreditation System (ESYD). 

By participating in person,   we monitor all the stages of production, collection, processing, standardization  but also the disposal of our products, examining in detail the weather conditions as well as the cleanliness and hygiene conditions of our warehouse 

"Farmer"… our products 

Complementarily   we always try to combine, through intersecting historical sources, traditional flavors that give us health and well-being. A typical example is the latest product  from "Agropoiemata Dermitzakis" the "Breakfast…from Home", the combination as before, of raisins together with  walnuts and  almonds, a delicious breakfast that keeps us strong all day . 

Capitalizing on tradition and receiving the acceptance and love of the world for the quality of our products, we will continue to dynamically produce and enrich our  Agricultural products. With special care and a systematic way through our many years of experience  and  expertise in viticulture, the "Dermitzaki" family will continue to produce quality products  and create the "Agropoiemata" of our vineyards! 

Our great asset is where we live. Crete is the birthplace of many values with the agro-food sector as a key feature. Due to its climate and its geographical location, it has the ability to produce several agricultural products which are characterized by their taste and nutritional value!